'Steam' – illustration,
original logo from 1998

I started with this name – Graphically Delicious – back in 1998 when I was finishing my Graphic Design studies, and doing catering jobs on the side to
help pay the bills.

Over the years since I've continued working at both graphic design and catering and the name continues to have relevance to both pursuits, plus it's just a little saucy. The way I like things to be!

All of life is a creative process. When it comes to putting an idea, a thought, or a feeling into graphic form, the process becomes form through collaboration, experimentation, and lots of play. Communicating with my clients on this process is part of the fun, and the end product becomes something unique and useful.

When it comes to putting a menu together, and creating delicious food for an occasion much the same process applies. The end product becomes useful in a different way - nourishment for the body and soul.

Oh, how graphically delicious.